Everybody Loves Breasts - So Drink Up!

Men lust after them, women wish theirs were bigger, t-girls wish they had them...  It's just one of those things that's in the human genes - we want breasts.

It's tough for t-girls, though. Genetic women grow them due to a steadily increasing supply of estrogen starting at the pre-teen level. Taking estrogen later in life will grow breasts too but not as much. In part, this is due to the fact that there is another thing lacking, which is human growth hormone. Human growth hormone is what makes you go from a baby to an adult. It fades as we get older which is part of why we don't keep getting bigger but instead settle into an adult height.

HGH (human growth hormone) is almost impossible to get, ridiculously expensive (for the real stuff rather than the fake over the counter variety) - and taking it is dangerous because it stimulates the growth of anything including cancer cells.  Also, it grows other things you don't want like brow ridges. So what's a T-girl to do?

Well the good news is that estrogen alone will grow breasts at any age. As an adult, you'll probably end up a bout a cup smaller than you would have been had you had female hormones since early girlhood. That's not too shabby really. The proof.... Wanna see?

This is Just my blog, not a medical treatise. I don't wanna drone on about hormones and dosages and "helper" drugs. It's boring. PLUS, I've noticed that the gender community has more than it's share of orthodoxy police and hormone Nazis that will come out of the woodwork no matter what you say, to tell you that you're wrong and you have to do it their way or else. However, if you have a specific question you can ask.  Instead I want to talk about...


"Milk, milk, lemon-ade..."  Yeah, it's a stupid, juvenile chant from grade school - but the "milk" part is cool. I was always jealous of that. And milk production can have a certain erotic quality to it as well, depending on the person. Of course the main reason a t-girl might want to lactate is to help build breast tissue.

Genetic women don't gain a lot from lactation other than a temporary gain from the fullness of milk but I think T-girls might benefit from the development of milk ducts. Also it's one of the more girly things you can do, in my opinion. So let's talk about transgender lactation, shall we?

The good news here is that probably no chemical help is required. Taking the right drugs makes things faster, I'm sure, but I've heard or people doing it without the assistance of medication.

The bad news is that it's a lot of work. And when I mean a lot, I'm not kidding. That's what we're going to talk about now, because I tried this back in the late 90's but I didn't stick with it - and I was thinking about doing it again.

Getting your breasts to produce milk might seem to be an impossible mountain but it's really just basic biological chemistry. Even many many years ago I had heard about genetic males who had managed to make themselves lactate.

Another piece of good news is that there is nothing special about "transgender lactation" because the body chemistry and plumbing is about the same in everyone. All it requires is the right kind of priming for the pump. The basic technique involves manual stimulation of your breasts on a regular schedule. OR, even cooler, you could have a partner interested in nursing to work with you. BTW, I'm not giving medical advice. I'm sure there are things that can go wrong or cause embarrassment.

With or without chemical help, you'll need that manual stimulation on a very consistent basis. Theoretically, each time you go through the process, your body releases oxytocin and prolactin and other chemicals that start to cause activity in your milk ducts. But it takes a lot of these chemicals working over a period of time before production begins.

The most common method for simulating sucking and stimulating milk production is called the Marmet technique ... there are others but the gist of it is to simulate sucking without unnecessarily traumatizing or otherwise mangling your breasts. The Marmet technique is described here. Also, here is a video of the Marmet technique.

I can tell you from personal experience that the lactation-stimulating hormones released by proper use of this techique (or by proper sucking) is very pleasant. Yes, sometimes erotic, too, but also warm and peace-inducing. Truly a wonderful experience. And you will get this chemical high long before you start producing milk (basically you get it whenever you correctly apply this technique over several minutes).

Think you can do this? Well, using a recommended manual pumping method, you can stimulate the release of milk producing hormones. If you do it right, you should see results in maybe 4 to 6 weeks regardless of gender and with or without hormones.  PROBLEM: I said it was a lot of work and I mean it: Ideally, you would do this 7 times  a day on a regular feeding schedule, which means a middle of the night nursing session too. Some people say you can get by with 4 or 5 times a day and I guess that is true because usually that's all I ever managed.

You have to do this (the technique or true breastfeeding) for about 20 minutes: 5 minutes on one breast, 5 minutes on the other...then do it over again: total of 10 minutes each. You math boys and girls have already noticed that we're talking about anywhere from an hour and 40 minutes up to 2 hours and ten minutes. On the other hand, you can cut that in half if you can correctly master the technique two-handed and do both breasts at once. ..and you can always go for that minimal 4/5 times a day, which is the least with which you can get by.

This is the result of dedication rather than luck or genetics. Despite how some people feel about the distinction of genders, the plumbing is pretty much the same on the inside. The chemical equipment is there and just needs to be deployed.

Oh and a word about having a partner to suckle before I wrap-up: The partner needs to understand that this isn't just erotic play. If you want to stimulate your breasts to lactate, you partner has to get  a good solid sucking latch, and he/she must do this consistently, alternating breasts 5 minutes each for a total of 20 minutes per session. That takes a lot of commitment from both of you.

You know, I can't say how much value this all has. It's pretty cool to have your breasts feel kind of heavy with milk. They're bigger when they're full! As for long term development, I don't know if it helps or not. There is that hormonal high you get, though, and that alone feels really really good.

It would be more fun (and erotic) if one has someone who is eager to drink your milk. That's not where I'm at, at the moment at least. Being on your own, you need to buy yourself a good (expensive) electric breast pump in order to keep on your feeding schedule. By the way, I've now covered the purchase and use of breast pumps here.

If you slow down or quit, you lose the ability to produce milk and you have to start all over again from square one. That's one thing that got me back in the 90's: I couldn't afford a good breast pump so I had to keep doing the Marmet technique. It felt great to do, for sure, but it was so tiresome that I started skipping sessions even after I had plenty of milk... and so I eventually lost it. This time I am going to find a way/make myself invest in a pump  - although I  haven't done that yet because a good electric breast pump starts at about maybe 130 dollars or more, US. 200+ for the best ones. And you need a top quality pump in order to have it stand up to 5 to 7 times a day usage.

Chemical Aid

People play around with the balance of estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen can be dropped a little or a lot because it actually inhibits lactation. Progesterone supposedly helps but I have never used it. Domperidone (Motillium) is a stomach drug that can speed up lactation. I got in  a hurry to step-up production in the 90's and used this stuff... It can make things happen faster but it still only works if you stick with a diligent schedule of breastfeeding/pumping.


Oh and there are some other things I haven't tried, like using a TENS unit to stimulate lactation. It has to be used in combination with a breast pump according to commenters here and as described here. Just some things to consider.

Sooo.... I guess  I should be thinking about getting a new pump if I really want to keep this up. Or maybe I'm too lazy to continue. Fantasies can only carry one so far, after all.


  1. I hope you were able to get a pump. How are you coming along with the lactation process? Any milk yet? What happened to the video?

  2. I started using a T.E.N.S. device 3 days ago.
    20 minutes every two hours.
    I'm not sure if it's wish fulfillment or not, BUT I do notice my nipples are darker, and aureole larger.
    Also deep breathing during each pulse REALLY adds a new dimension to it.I notice the area around my breasts get's "tighter" during each "pulse", but not in a bad way and there is nothing wrong with getting lots of good diaphragm exercise.
    I've been debating doing a youtube video (locked of course) once the "product" starts flowing.

  3. How much milk were you able to express in one session. Do you have any sites where your video is posted?

  4. If you were mine i would nurse you till you became a real lactator

  5. Run this by a lactation consultant. I think you will find a different answer